Thursday, September 6, 2012

Selah Goes Back to “School”…

Yesterday Selah and I started Mother’s Morning Out!  She was very excited about seeing her friends and her teachers, Mrs. Elizabeth and Mrs. Glenda.  When my mom got here to keep Myla while we went, she hesitated for a minute, wanting to stay here with them, but she ended up leaving just fine! 


Dressed and ready to go!!


When I look at these pictures, it’s hard for me to believe how big she is.  I still see her as a baby, but she’s not!!  Her teachers said she kept them cracked up all morning, so I guess she was just being her normal self! 

I am teaching again this year, and we had a great first day with our class of younger 2 year olds!

My mom and Myla had a good time doing school, but unfortunately we passed the lovely stomach virus that we had last week to her, so she didn’t feel great.  I DESPISE the stomach virus.  I think Selah did have it last Tuesday after all, then I got it on Friday, then Myla on Monday.  It was awful!

Fall is in full swing…well, maybe the activities of fall, but not the weather…and it is busy!  Myla starts gymnastics this morning, which she is SO excited about!  

Happy Thursday!

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