Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hot Springs Vacation…Part 2…


We had a busy day on the Tuesday of our vacation.  First we visited the Mountain Valley Spring Water bottling facility.  It was interesting to hear about the company and how they have been getting their water from a single spring source since the 1800’s. 


We got to wear these lovely hair nets while we toured the factory!  This picture of Myla is so funny to me.  It looks like a girl’s senior portrait from the 50’s or 60’s.  They always had that distant look a slight smile (minus the hair net, which by the way were called bouffant caps).  Ha!


Selah wasn’t interested in the bouffant cap hair net or the tour for that matter!  It was hot in the factory, so she was a bit grumpy, but we survived with paci and Elmo in tow!


We were thankful to get a cold bottle of water after the tour was over!


All three kiddos with their water!


Thank goodness the top was on Selah’s bottle!


After we left there, we had lunch at the Purple Cow!  It was a really fun fifties type diner.


After that we headed to the Mid America Science Museum!  The kids had a blast! If you are ever in this area with children, this is definitely something you want to do!  Selah was getting ready to enter the Nano Technology Lab.


“Mom, these glasses are a little bigger than I’m used to!”


My little scientist.  She did EVERYTHING the big kids did!


Henry loved being a scientist too!


Of course, Myla was geared up too!


Everything in the museum in hands on, so it keeps the kids entertained!


Selah loved running around this sloped circle.  It is to teach about gravity…how you always falls towards the center.


There was a big room where you could make shadows.  The kids loved it!  The museum was not crowded at all, so we were able to do things for as long as we wanted to without interrupting others or feel rushed.


This was another hands on activity that they were doing this particular day.  You drew a cartoon on the paper they provided, then they put it in this contraption, and you could watch your cartoon come to life.  Myla and Henry thought it was great!


Bodie thought it was great too, so he decided to do his own.  He drew a stick figure shooting basketball (go figure…sports are never far from his mind!) and it turned out great!


Master scientist!


Mom and Myla inside a hurricane stimulator!  The wind got up to 67 mph to mimic at stage one hurricane.


Then both girls got in with Bodie!


The museum has a special section right now all about pirates, which was great. Selah liked the pirate’s hat!


After several hours, Selah finally got sleepy!!  We sat outside on this covered bridge while she napped in the stroller.  This is relaxation at its best, huh?

While Selah napped, Bodie and the big kids fed the huge fish and turtles.


The turtles would all get right under the bridge and just look up at us waiting for their food!


The fish were beautiful!


More feeding!


I think Myla was starting to get delirious.  She pulled out the hair net from our bottling tour and started acting crazy!


Last picture before leaving the museum!!

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