Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blueberry Pickin’ and Mackensy Turns Two!!

On Friday, we headed over to Pontotoc to pick blueberries.  You can pick them there and buy them for much cheaper than the grocery store, so we thought we would give it a try.  The girls had a good time.  Selah hung with it much longer than Myla…as Myla quickly to hot and tired.  Selah is our child with more endurance for sure!  She did a very good job too…although I think she ate half as many as she picked!  Altogether we picked a gallon! 


Getting started!  It was a little overcast when we started, but soon the sun came out and it got HOT!


Both girls finding some on one bush!


I think Selah was stopping for a  snack break!


She also had an advantage being shorter that she could just go up under the bushes and find plenty!


We were so excited that Katie and her kiddos came over from Tupelo to join us.  Selah and Charlie picked some together.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do great with pictures after this.  We did go to a park to eat a sack lunch and play.  Then Katie and I rode out to the Amish country outside of Pontotoc to check it out.  It is definitely fascinating to see how they live.  On each of the mailboxes of the homes, it lists what they sell, then you just drive up in their driveway and shop!  I had an extra booster seat in my car, so Myla rode with Grace and Robbie, and she could not have been happier.  Katie gave them a little pep talk about how the Amish dressed/looked different than we did, and she asked them to not say anything about it in front of them.  They didn’t, thank goodness!  They were fascinated at how they did dress and look differently and how they wore no shoes!


Then on Saturday afternoon we were excited to go out to our old neighborhood and celebrate sweet Mackensy’s second birthday.  I can’t believe Susan and I now have four year olds and two year olds.  We went through both pregnancies together as neighbors and have depended on each other for support and encouragement during these fun parenting years!   Susan and Ethan had lots of fun water activities in the backyard, and all of the kids has SO much fun!  Then they came in a picnicked in the den!  I love this picture of Selah…she is enjoying her hot dog!


Sweet girl loves to eat!


Mackensy especially enjoyed her cake!!


Happy Birthday, Mackensy!!

Just for fun….2 years ago…


Mackensy and Selah at the hospital after Mackensy was born!  Time FLIES!!

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Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

OMG this picture made me cry! We miss y'all being so close but are so thankful that you are still close enough to celebrate with us! Love y'all!!!