Friday, June 15, 2012

Hot Springs Vacation…Part 1…

Finally, I’m getting around to putting our vacation on here!  We had SO much fun in Hot Springs!  It is definitely a place I would recommend for a vacation with kids.  It was only a 4 hour trip for us, so that was a bonus too!!  There was plenty for us to do!


Saturday morning before we left.  Myla and Henry were so excited to see each other!  They get along really, really well, but after about day 5, they were starting to act more like brother and sister, not cousins who rarely see each other.  There was a little more squabbling than normal, but they still had a blast together!


Selah decided to try a lemon on the way. She loved it! Ha!


Our condo was GREAT!  We had plenty of room, and it was right on a lake.  We had a nice back patio that we ate breakfast on almost every day!


The boat ramp for the lake was right across from our condo.  The kids loved going down to it and watching boats go in the water.  I loved this picture of Bodie and Selah walking down there!  Unfortunately, Frank did not feel well at all on Sunday, so we stayed around the condo and didn’t do much!


On Monday, he was feeling better so we ventured off to find something to do.  We decided to do a “Duck Tour” of Hot Springs. (I found out AFTER we had done it that one sank in Hot Springs several years ago.)  Bodie got the kids these duck calls that make quite the racket.  Thank goodness several others on the tour had them too, so they didn’t seem to be much of a bother to anyone.


Myla and her duck call!


Selah said, “Forget the duck call…I’ll take the cheesy cheese popcorn from the popcorn shop!”


Henry and Bodie ready to start the tour!


Selah was my riding partner…seeing the people behind me reminds me of something.  On our tour, there were people from California, New York, Vermont and VIENNA, AUSTRIA.  Seriously…I love Arkansas, but wow!


Selah loved it when we went in the water!  As soon as the boat hit the water, she squealed, “We in the water!!!!!”


Happy girl!


This is Captain Rick.  He started doing these tours in 1981 in Branson, but now services Hot Springs.  It was a fun way to learn some of the history, and the kids thought it was great!


Back at the condo, the kids loved the GINGANTIC bathtub!!


And don’t forget the nightly ice cream before bed.  Only on vacation, right.  And, only AFTER baths.  Ha!


Even the big kids (and Bodie) enjoyed their ice cream too!

Part 2 coming up…

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