Saturday, December 31, 2011

My How Times Have Changed….

When we first met the Graysons, Lenora and Michael had just started PT school.  Chad and Lenora were basically newlyweds, and Michael and I weren’t even engaged yet.  A friendship was born at that time that has been such a tremendous blessing to us.  We have had so many wonderful memories together, and there is a never a shortage of laughs when we around one another.  Now, Chad and Lenora have been married 10 years, Michael and I have been married for 9, and we have 5 children between us.  The four of us have always had so much fun together, now it is awesome to see our children playing and laughing together!  We were so glad that they came to see us earlier this week!  Lenora and I have fun shopping and running around while the men tended to the kids for awhile!


Mr. Chad (the Big Kid) will all of the little kids!  My kids love Bro. Chad.  Myla just starts giggling when she looks at him.  He definitely knows how to make people laugh!


The kids had so much fun playing together.  They also enjoyed watching TV, but I’m not sure if they could see it.  Ha!


Selah had fun playing in Asher’s carseat.


Why are “non” toys always the most fun things to play with?


Annlee and Myla – Sweet friends!


Annlee and Selah – Annlee and Myla were sweet to include Selah in their playing


The girls!


The girls plus Deuce…obviously Myla thinks he is pretty funny!


Sweet kiddos!  I just love seeing them all together


And we can’t forget this precious one…sweet Asher.  He is the BEST baby ever!  He barely made a peep and just enjoyed watching the kids play


He is so adorable!!!

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