Thursday, December 15, 2011

There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays…

Last Saturday we had our first family Christmas celebration at Michael’s parents’ house.  We had a wonderful day!  I love this time of year being able to get together with family to celebrate!  The girls had so much fun…anytime they are with grandparents, they LOVE it!  They are so blessed, and I am so thankful for two sets of grandparents that love them so much!


Myla and Selah were so happy to see Sae Sae!


We had a new baby with us this year!  This is sweet Luke and his daddy, Spencer.


Daddy and his wild woman!  Y’all I just have to say, Selah can be a handful, but I wish I could bottle her up at the age she is right now.  Oh my goodness, I forgot about this age!  She is talking up a storm…repeating anything that you say.  And she will laugh hysterically while she runs around bobbing her little head with her pigtails.  She is FULL OF SPUNK and I LOVE HER!


Me and sweet baby Luke, or as Selah says, “Wuke”.


Luke and Uncle Michael


I think I could kiss those little cheeks off!


Selah warmed up to Luke as long as I wasn’t holding him.  She didn’t like that scenario too much!


She gave him lots of hugs…


…and kisses!


Then she moved on to doing important things…like helping big sister and Sae Sae in the kitchen!


Myla’s most exciting thing of the day was opening presents.  I bet she asked 50 or more times when we were going to open them!  I so remember that age…just dying to open gifts and adults seemed to take FOREVER!!  But, we had to let babies nap!  As soon as Myla heard Selah’s first whimper from her nap, she squealed, “It’s present time!”


But, Granddaddy had to give Luke a bottle first!


Waiting patiently to pass out the gifts!


Spencer, Luke and Mary Jennifer


Finally…gift time!  Selah LOVES Barney…seriously, it’s probably borderline infatuation!  She was so excited to get a Barney Christmas DVD.  We have watched it repeatedly this week.  She calls it “Barney Mismas”.


Myla loved her “Squinkies” from Granddaddy and Sae Sae, and has played with them so much this week!


I can’t believe how much our family is growing!  It was so fun to have a houseful of kiddos!  We also had a houseful of dogs, as well.  Oskie had to come with us again.  He kept Mary Jennifer and Spencer’s dog, Tootsie, and the Meurrier’s dog, Dot, company!


Myla loved opening stockings, of course!


Daddy helped Selah with hers


Selah loved her FurrReal dog, Cookie! 

Thanks Granddaddy and Sae Sae for a wonderful Christmas!

We are hosting my family this weekend, so we’ll have more pictures coming soon!!!  It’s the most crazy busy wonderful time of the year!

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Meaghan said...

LOVE Selah's boots! So fun! Looks like y'all had a great time...makes me ready for our first family Christmas next week! Have fun hosting!!