Friday, December 16, 2011

We Love to Party…

We have had two Christmas parties this week!  Yesterday we had our party at MMO at church, and it was WILD!  Thank goodness Michael came for reinforcements since I have a class this year.  I definitely needed his help!


Bro. Eric, our pastor, reads the Christmas story to the kids each year.  Selah was front and center!  She sat and listened to almost the whole story.  Michael and I couldn’t get over how still she was sitting!


Very into the story!


This was a shot of some of the people that were there.  We put our class in high chairs so they couldn’t run wild the whole time.  Ha!


She finally saw me snapping pictures of her…and she quickly ran to her daddy!


Myla sat and listened to the Christmas story too, but she didn’t seem as enthralled.  We need to work on that!

I think she was ready to get to her singing!  She was so excited about ringing the bells that they had hidden behind their backs.  She kept telling us we “would never be able to guess” what they were holding!


After the singing we went to find the girls’ spots at their tables.  Selah enjoyed her cookie!


Selah and Daddy


Of course, in her picture with me, she wouldn’t look at the camera.  I LOVE the Christmas tree made from her handprints that you see on the table.  So precious!


Then we made it over to Myla’s table!  She was so glad her daddy was there.


Me and Myla


This has nothing to do with the party, but I just had to include it.  Myla got this toboggan in her stocking last weekend, and Selah loves it! She has worn it a lot throughout this week.  When she puts it on, she just gets it on enough to stay on her head, so it is sticking straight up.  It matches her personality!


I cannot look at this picture without laughing.  The look on her face cracks me up.  She had confiscated a paci out of her bed that she wasn’t supposed to have!


Today we went to a “Happy Birthday Jesus” party at our friend, Mady’s, house.  I finally got a decent picture of the girls together before we left.  I was so excited!


Myla loved all the goodies they had to eat at the party.


Mady was a great hostess!


Sweet Sage…we live down the street from Sage and her family, and we have enjoyed getting to know them so much!


Kaitlyn – She and Selah are in the same class at MMO


Mary Katharine and her “cheese” smile.  She is in my class at MMO, and I love her to death!


Selah especially enjoyed the Oreos with the red icing in the middle!


Whitten – he is Mary Katharine’s big brother.  He and Myla are in the same class at MMO


Baby August – He is Sage’s little brother.  Selah has quite the affection for August, as you will see in a few pictures down.


Myla found a nice little get-up in the dress up box.  This was Mady’s size 18-24 month Halloween costume.  She thought she was looking GOOD!


Decorating her cupcake…she loves to decorate them, but doesn’t like to eat them!


Selah gave August LOTS of kisses!


I think he wanted more!


Seriously, it was out of control!


I finally made her stop because I was afraid she was going to knock him over, and as you can see, she wasn’t very happy!

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