Thursday, December 22, 2011

Welcome Home, Asher!!

This past Monday night Michael and I got to experience our first “airport homecoming” for an adoption.  Our dear friends, Chad and Lenora Grayson, brought home their precious new baby boy, Asher, from Taiwan.  It was a wonderful night, and I’m so glad we were there to experience it with them!  Now, I just can’t wait until it’s our turn!!!!!!!!


Big Brother, Deuce and Big Sister, Annlee anxiously awaiting the arrival of their Mommy, Daddy and new baby brother!


Of course, there were lots of signs welcoming them home!


Deuce had one too


Some of their church members made a big sign as well!


Asher had quite the crowd to welcome him home!


Everyone’s first good look at Asher!  Isn’t he a DOLL!!


Annlee couldn’t get enough hugs from her Daddy once he was home.  They had been gone almost 2 weeks!


And Deuce had his fair share too!


LOVE this picture!  The Graysons are seriously like family to us, and I think this picture shows the love we have for one another.  I know that’s kind of cheesy, but so true!  We are truly so happy for them!


Chad and Lenora with their families


Grayson…Now a family of 5!


Annlee loved holding Asher!


And I was so glad to get my hands on him. He is the sweetest, calmest, happiest little thing!


He just got passed around like a hot potato and he couldn’t have cared less!  Pretty good sport considering they had been traveling for almost 30 hours.


The couple in this picture is my friend, Alison’s, parents.  They are members of Chad’s church, FBC Tupelo.  It’s such a small world.  We’ve known Chad and Lenora forever, then I meet Alison last year through the adoption world, now her parents go to church with Lenora and Chad.  Crazy, huh?  God is in the details!


Us with the Graysons.  Lenora said this picture will be framed in their house, and I think it will be in mine too!  That is, whenever we have a house.  HA!


Loving on Asher!


Me and Lenora – Love her!

Mine and Michael’s hearts were just so full on Monday night.  I looked at Michael right before Chad and Lenora walked in, and he said, “My heart is beating so fast!”  I was crying the whole time just thinking about how good God is. Adoption is such a beautiful picture of the Gospel.  God loved us and took us in as his children, his heirs.  We were hopeless until He redeemed us.  We were fatherless until he adopted us.  Praise Him for His unconditional love for us, his children.  I am so thankful that Asher is ONE LESS orphan.  And I am so ready to welcome our sweet baby girl home!

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Amy said...

I LOVE adoption homecomings!!! (Praying soon it will be YOURS) and thank you for stopping by my blog and yes- that is the link for give for the orphanage building fund. It will say sponsor a child- but that is it (we can't figure out how to add seperate categories LOL) THANK YOU SO MUCH and I hope our family has wonderful Christmas!