Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New Friends, New Books…

Well, it’s almost ten days into the new year, and I am just now doing my first post of 2012!  I’ve got to do better!!!  Oh well, I did want to catch up.  We spent New Year’s Eve with some of our good friends, the Simons.  We had fun eating pizza, visiting and doing a few fireworks!


Most of the crew waiting for Mr. Jason to get the fireworks started!  Myla was so excited to “shoot” fireworks, although she really had no idea what that meant.  Ha!


Myla and Elizabeth…sweet friends!  Both girly girls that love to dress up and be princesses!


Whitney had gotten some fireworks that made very little noise, but it didn’t stop Myla from covering her ears!


Sarah kept her ears covered the ENTIRE time we were outside.  Bless her heart!


Selah loved the fireworks, which would make sense since she is a little “firework” herself!


Whitney and Sarah


This picture is so funny because Myla is covering her ears and hiding behind Elizabeth, who is yelling “Run, Daddy, run” after he lit a very small firework.  Ha!  She was very concerned for him!


Elizabeth LOVED the sparklers!


I’m not sure what Myla was doing, but she was rolling around on the ground laughing her head off!  Funny kid!


After much persuasion, Myla finally wanted to “try” and hold a sparkler…of course, she needed help from Mom.


Mr. Jason did good lighting all of the sparklers despite the wind!  Poor Sarah is still covering her ears…her arms had to be getting tired by this point!


Yes, Selah had to try one too!  And, yes, she tried her best to touch it (the burning part) and she had a black mark on her hand.  I don’t think it burned her because she didn’t cry.  Ha!


YAY!! She finally held one by herself!

After a “crazy” New Year’s Eve celebration, we headed home around 8 pm and we were all asleep by probably 10.  PaRtY AnImAlS!!!


One of the blessings of our “temporary” living situation is getting to be living close to our new friends, the Booths.  We have enjoyed getting to play outside many afternoons and having some last minute play dates.  This past Saturday night, we watched their kids while Blake and Jamie went to dinner.  We decided that we needed to swap out “babysitting” so we could have occasional dates without the cost of a babysitter.  YAY!!  Their kids are SO SWEET, and our girls have so much fun with them.  They pretty much entertained themselves while they were here.  And sweet little August is the most easy-going little guy!


Montana and Myla spent a lot of time cooking something in the kitchen and hiding their “secret” items in various places.


Selah and Sage really enjoyed drawing pictures on the easel.  Selah LOVES Sage, but she calls her “Paige”.  It is so sweet!


Pretty girls!


I love this picture!  It looks like Sage is telling Selah something really important!


Seriously, he is the happiest baby!  As long as he has something to chew on, he is good to go!


Of course, Selah had to give August LOTS of hugs and kisses!


The girls got on the couch to watch a movie…but of course, that lasted all of about 4 minutes!  They were quickly onto something else!


These two have a huge imagination, and they had so much fun playing together!


Selah is about as big as Sage, but that didn’t keep Sage from holding her in her lap!


Finally…new books!  The girls got some new books for Christmas, and they have really enjoyed having us read to them.  As busy as Selah is, she loves to sit and be read to, which I love.  She is quickly learning the princesses, and she will let me know which story she wants me to read to her!  “Snow Wipe” is her favorite, but “Punzel” (Rapunzel) is a very close second!  I wish y’all could hear her talk…it is the cutest thing ever.  She is talking up a storm, and I just love it.  I will try to get some “conversations” on film soon.


Tonight before bed, Daddy had to read a story!  Love it!

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