Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome Mackensy Lee Peterson...

My neighbor and one of my best friends, Susan, had her baby last night...very unexpectedly!! She was scheduled for a C-Section on July 13th because the baby was breech. Well, I went over last night around 7:45 pm to deliver Haley's invitation to Myla's birthday party, and Susan was complaining because they wouldn't be able to come because it was on a weekday. I said, "Well, you may be able to may have a baby by then (July 9th)", and she said, "Don't say that...I'm not going to have a baby by then!" We visited for awhile and I came on home. Around 8:30 pm, I get a phone call from Susan saying they are on their way to the hospital because her blood pressure was through the roof! Lo and behold, little Mackensy was born at 11:01 pm. Susan said it was my fault....that I had jinxed her. Oh well, she is here and she is beautiful and tiny!!!
Mackensy Lee Peterson
Mommy and Mackensy
Precious little feet
Mr. Ethan, the proud daddy, and Myla
Selah was glad to meet Mackensy too!! She looked like the Jolly Green Giant compared to her though. I can't believe that just a few months ago she was that little!
Sweet baby
Me, Mackensy and Myla
Mackensy and Selah...they are almost 4 months apart and Haley and Myla are 5 months apart...don't you know they are all going to have fun growing up together!
Daddy and Mackensy

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