Friday, June 4, 2010

Visit with the Graysons...

Last weekend we went to Tupelo to visit our good friends, the Graysons. We went Saturday morning so we could spend the day swimming and cooking out. It was Myla's first swim of the summer, and she loved it!! We have been swimming two more times this week, and she has taken to it like a fish to water. We always enjoy our times with the Graysons, and we are never short on laughs, that's for sure!
Myla and Annlee patiently waiting to get in the pool.
YAY!! Finally in!!
I couldn't leave this little bathing beauty out, so I put her swimsuit on. She didn't make it into the water because it was a bit frigid, but it was a good photo op nonetheless!
Sweet girl!
Loving showing off her bathing suit!
Daddy and his girls in the can see how much Selah enjoyed it by the look on her face!
Myla was exhausted after swimming. She didn't have a nap that afternoon. I looked over in the den and saw her just like full dress-up attire laid out on the floor!
We bathed the girls together for the first time. I LOVE the look on Selah's face...she looks unimpressed!!
Sunday before church. I am so ready to get a good picture of both of them together, looking at the camera and smiling!
All the kiddos...Annlee, Myla, Selah and Deuce.
Myla and Deuce...they loved playing together so much!
Oh my goodness...kissing!!! Their marriage is pre-arranged we like to say, but they are getting an early start. Seeing them do this reminded me of last summer when we were at the beach when I snapped the picture below...
Sweet things!! Not much has changed in their feelings for each other in a year!
Myla and Annlee dressed up and ready for church!

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