Saturday, June 12, 2010

It Doesn't Take Much...

Yesterday the girls and I had a fun day visiting Sis Sis in Batesville. We started the day off visiting Daddy at work for a minute. He has been in the football indoor practice facility this week because the training room he works out of has been closed for maintenance. Myla got a big kick out of the whirlpool and training swimming pool. Erica taught her how to cut on the "bubbles" and she did it over and over.
Cutting the bubbles on in the whirlpool...can you tell she liked doing it?
Ang doesn't take much to entertain a two year old!
Touching the bubbles
Erica and Myla
After we left Daddy's work, we headed to Batesville. Sis Sis cooked us a delicious lunch, and we had such a fun afternoon!! Here is Selah getting some loving from Sis Sis.
Myla, Sis Sis, and Selah - Sis Sis's two great granddaughters.
Okay, speaking of "it doesn't take much", Sis Sis took Myla to Wal-Mart and told her she could get whatever she wanted. What would you think she may want...a new toy, some new clothes or shoes, etc. Nope, Myla told Sis Sis she wanted gummies and oatmeal! This wasn't spur of the moment either. She had been telling Sis Sis for a week on the phone that she wanted her to buy her some oatmeal. The gummies did just enter the picture yesterday. But, I told Sis Sis that the "My Little Pony" gummies were a treat since we normally get the Great Value Smiles!
Here is Myla with the prized oatmeal!!!!! Hey, at least it's the kind that she and Michael eat for breakfast everyday! It's one less thing I have to buy at the grocery store this week.
This picture was from this morning while Myla was watching The Lion King (of course)! I just thought it was sweet!

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