Thursday, June 24, 2010

Date Night...

Michael and Myla went on a date last night to Holli's Sweet Tooth after supper. He had been promising her he would take her there for awhile because my parents took her a few weeks back and she got some Starbursts. Well, after she went to bed that night, Michael ate the rest of them. Of course, when she woke up the next morning, she immediately asked for her Starbursts. Well, Michael had to admit that he had eaten them, to which she responded, "Daddy-O"...said with great sarcasm. Anyway, he finally took her last night to make up for the Starburst incident. They had a good time!
Getting ready to go...such a special treat!
Myla chose to wear her "shiny princess" shoes, and, as you can tell, Daddy was very impressed!
Myla thought Daddy needed a little lipstick for the date...what a great Daddy!
Myla with her loot...she even brought me a bag! And, yes, she did get some more Starbursts...her favorite!
And, if you are wondering, Michael did get a haircut by yours truly...I buzzed it off on Sunday night! I actually really like it alot!


Amanda said...

Michael ate Starbursts?

meurrier said...

Oh, may be his ONE weakness. Those, Rotel and chocolate chip cookies... BUT, he doesn't eat them very often!