Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little Fish..

Well, I have to say that Myla has taken to swimming like a fish to water! She absolutely loves it, and I am so glad. The girls and I went swimming twice last week and then we all went on Sunday afternoon. With Michael there, Myla was a lot braver! In fact she jumped off the diving board over and over and over. She would go completely under, pop up and find her way to the ladder just to do it again. I couldn't believe it!
Getting used to the water...
This is what Selah does while big sister swims....hangs out in the car seat. Although, I will say after our adventure swimming today, I think Selah's days at the pool are over. It is way too hot for her out there if she can't get in the water. Bless her heart!
Jumping off the side to Daddy. She did this over and over with Michael trying to catch her. Finally he said, I'm just going to let her go under, and she did and loved it. After jumping off the side many times, he convinced her to jump off the diving board. At first she said, "I can't jump off that...it's too big!" But then she decided she wanted to and the rest was history.
This picture was from today. She put these goggles on, and I thought she looked so funny!! Mrs. Beth Fitts, my Sunday School teacher has a beautiful pool at her house that she opens to all of us on Tuesdays...so much fun!
I'm going to try and do better about taking pictures, but I'm usually in the water with Myla so it is hard to keep the camera on hand. I want to get a video of her jumping off the diving board, so as soon as I do, I will share it.

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