Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sisters Meet...

On Friday, Sae Sae brought Myla to the hospital to meet Selah for the first time. I kind of had in my mind how she would react, and it pretty much happened just like I thought. At first, she really was not interested at all. She was interested in the gifts that she had been given that day at the hospital by our sweet friends, Chad and Lenora. She eventually warmed up and gave her some hugs and kisses. I can't wait to watch these two girls grow up together, and I hope they are always close.

Selah getting ready to meet Myla for the first time. LOVE the onesie Tamah made, and it fit perfectly! Of course, Myla had her Big Sister shirt on that matched!
Myla opeing her gift from Selah....a Disney princess hair accessory kit! We had to nurse come get Selah before Myla came in so we could have some time with Myla by ourselves. I hated for her to walk in and see me in a hospital bed holding a baby. I'm glad we did this!
Loving her new hair goodies!
I think this picture is so funny! I have no idea what the conversation was about!

Mommy and her TWO girls!!

Myla giving Selah some sweet!

Myla had to put a bracelet on Selah...going ahead and breaking her into to all things girly!

The happy family of four!
Daddy and Myla...he can make her smile like no one else!

The video that Michael shot of the big meeting!

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