Monday, March 8, 2010

Hospital Visitors....

Sae Sae and Selah
Not sure why this picture ended up out of order. Sometimes uploading these pictures give me fits!!! Mrs. Sandy came on Friday with Myla, but I will give Myla's visit a post all to itself...maybe tomorrow!

We were so fortnuate to have those that came to visit us in the hospital! I didn't do great with taking pictures of everyone, but I did want to share some of the ones that I did take. Frank, Mom and Sis Sis were at the hospital when Selah was born. Mrs. Sandy and Mr. Joe were keeping Myla, which was such a huge relief knowing that she was well taken care of. I hated that they weren't there when Selah was born, but I will forever be indebted to their sacrifice to keep Myla safe and sound!

Sis Sis, Frank and Mom seeing Selah for the first time

Bodie, Mimi and Selah

The happy grandparents

Selah and Sis Sis
Dr. Williams and Selah
I'm so thankful for such a wonderful doctor!
Selah and Aunt Mary
Katie, Selah and Mrs. Beth
Katie, Baby Buckley and Selah!
We can't wait to meet Baby Buckley and find out what it is really soon!
Thank you also, Mrs. Susie Gowen, Chad and Lenora, and Bro. Eric and Janet for coming to visit us!

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