Friday, March 26, 2010

Selah and Charlie...

Wednesday was Grace's birthday, so after mother's morning out, we went to her house to have lunch. It was the first time for Selah and Charlie to get to be together!
It's crazy to think that just several weeks ago, they were in our bellies....
....and now they're here, and they are absolutely ADORABLE!!!
Between Katie and I, we now have 5 kids!! Here they will probably be several YEARS before we can ever get a picture of all of them looking at the camera!
They took a nap together in the pack and play! It is no doubt that newborns can sleep through most anything. It was wild and crazy with the other 3 kids in the same room with these two, and they barely even stirred!
After they ate, they took another nap, all swaddled up!

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