Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lazy Saturday...

We have had a pretty lazy Saturday morning today, which has been nice. We just stayed around the house and spent time together. Now, everyone is down for a nap, except me, but I am headed that way! I snapped a few pictures of the girls (still sounds so weird saying "girls") this morning! Myla is starting to adjust so much better to Selah, and I am so thankful. Today she actually wanted to hold her and be close to her! I know one day they will be best friends. The good thing is Myla will never really remember life without her sister!
My two beautiful girls!
Myla rubbing her head. She is fascinated by all of her features...her hair, her toes, her hands, her belly button, etc. Her belly button yucky thing fell off this morning! Myla was so excited because it has been driving her crazy. She has told everybody that Selah has a bobo on her belly button!
Giving her a kiss! I can't believe how big Myla looks in these pictures!
Hello bright eyes!
Isn't she precious? I know I'm partial, but goodness, I could eat her up!

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