Monday, March 8, 2010

Selah...Coming Home... 3.6.2010

We brought Selah home on Saturday. Myla was so excited to see her! When we walked in, she said, "That's my baby sister!" She was all smiles for pictures, which is always good when it (rarely) happens!
Myla and her baby sister!!!
Singing her a song
Myla immediately wanted to start bringing Selah toys, so this is what it ended up looking like in Selah's chair!
Myla reading her "The Little Engine That Could". She kept saying, "The elephant ran away...yes he did!" Not sure where that came from, but it was cute nonetheless.
First nap in her baby bed! I love my swaddled little bambino babies! Myla was swaddled until she was almost 1...maybe Selah won't be doing it for that long....only time will tell!
Granddaddy made a quick trip to come see Selah Saturday afternoon.
Sister time!

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