Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend Recap...

This weekend ended up pretty well considering Friday was a very tough day! Myla is definitely teething, and she was not our normally happy girl on Friday. However, Friday morning she was enjoying her new found freedom of crawling, and she crawled right over to the open window. I guess to get a better look outside, she decided to pull up on the window seal. I can't believe all of these new things she is doing! It is fun to watch. After I had looked away for a minute, I turned back and found her like this.

As I mentioned above, Myla is working on some teeth. These next pictures were during her worse moments on Friday. I feel bad taking pictures of her while she is in pain, but I had to document the moment. This is just to show those who believe otherwise, she is NOT happy ALL of the time. I guess I have to take the good moments with the bad!!! Pray for these teeth to break through!!

Saturday, we had our church directory pictures made. Myla did really well!! The photographer was very complimentary on how well she smiled for the camera. I told him she was used to it considering we have almost 700 pictures of her on our computer. Here are a few that they took. The first one is the one that will be in the directory, I think...they all look alike to me, but I think this is the one.

Myla is a very independent eater, and does not like for us to feed her baby food anymore....that is a whole other story, but Sunday I bought her some Biter Biscuits. As you can see by the pictures below, she thoroughly enjoyed it. She chewed on that thing for at least 20 minutes. Thank goodness that when she finished, it was bathtime. I could not find my camera at the moment, so I had to walk next door and get my sweet neighbors, Susan and Ethan, to take a picture for me. The moment was too funny not to capture on camera. I have since found my camera, thank goodness!

Well, that is our weekend recap. I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week ahead!!!


Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

SO CUTE! Glad we are so close we can share these great times :)


jared and jayme said...

Hey Meredith - So glad you found our blog and in turn we were able to catch up with you guys. Myla is gorgeous - how exciting! Where are y'all living now? we love Landrum and are having so much fun getting to know her personality and being parents - it is an adventure for sure! Keep in touch! love, Jayme