Thursday, May 1, 2008

9 Month Check-Up & Other Exciting Things

Myla is really finding her way around these days. It seems like as soon as she learned to crawl, she took off and hasn't stopped yet!! She is finding new things to do, such as look out at Oskie and Tanner through the back door and climb up in the end table after she pulls all of her books out. She got really quiet the other day when I was painting in the dining room, so I came into the den and didn't see her, I continued to her room, the guest room, guest bath, back through the kitchen and into my room, and she was NOWHERE to be found. I began to panic, but I came back into the den and saw her in the end table. She was not making a peep, just sitting there. I figured this was just my first of many times that she will get herself in crazy places and make me laugh!!

We went for Myla's nine month check up today, and Dr. Molly said she looks great!!! Praise the Lord! I am SO thankful for a healthy baby! She weighs 18 lbs 3 oz and is 28 1/2 inches long. For weight and head she is in the 25 to 50th percentile and for height, she is in the 95th percentile...go figure. My friend said that she is "tall and skinny"! They did have to prick her finger to check her iron (which turned out to be perfectly normal), but the pricking was a bit traumatizing for Myla until Nurse Lindy put the Tweety Bird bandaid on her little finger. That provided great entertainment for the next several minutes. I hated that I didnt' have my camera to document the situation. She shook her hand trying to get it off, then she would, of course, put in her mouth and try to bite it off. It was quite funny!
Michael and I love watching Myla grow and change on what seems like is on a weekly basis now! We sometimes look at her and still can't believe that she is our little girl. How great is our God!

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