Monday, May 12, 2008

Ode to Oskie...

As I have mentioned before, Myla and Oskie have always been best buddies here around the house. Well, I guess in honor of him, she decided that her first "real" word would be Oskie. Yes, she says it all the time, and believe it or not generally uses it in context. For instance, we will ask her where Oskie is, and she will go to the backdoor, pull back the shade and say "Okkie" over and over. She doesn't use the "s" sound. She started saying it on Friday and hasn't stopped! I had to put some pictures in honor of Oskie since he is the special one that Myla has spoken of! Don't get me wrong...Myla has been babbling da da, ma ma, ba ba, etc. for a couple of months, but this is, I think, her first real word. I will try to get it on video when I get some batteries on my camera.
We really haven't had much going on lately, but we have a busy weekend ahead. Michael and I are headed to Birmingham to a Weekend to Remember marriage conference. We are meeting 3 couple friends of ours, so we are SO excited about it. My parents are keeping Myla here at our house, so be in prayer for them that things would go smoothly!!!

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