Monday, May 5, 2008


Well, today we experienced a first. I made my first call to Poison Control. Yes, you heard it right...poison control! On the way home from town, Myla, was getting very fussy. I keep a stash of toys in the front seat so I can hand them back to her and try to occupy her for at least a few seconds. (Note: She no longer likes to be in her carseat unless she is sleepy) Well, I had run out of toys, and the only thing I had left was her sunscreen bottle. She has chewed on it before with no problems, so we were about 1 mile from home, so I thought, what could it hurt? Well, she got really quiet, which is sometimes not a good sign, and when I looked back I saw little fingers covered in sunscreen. I very quickly pulled off the road on the shoulder, got in the back seat with baby wipes and wiped her down as quickly as I could. I did notice that her tongue had some white on it, so I knew she had gotten some in her mouth....of course. I called the pediatrician and then poison control. They told me that I probably had nothing to worry about, but just to make sure she didn't act out of the ordinary.
Note to self and lesson learned.....don't give my child a bottle to chew on that contains potentially hazardous materials!!! I know I should know that already, but sometimes I'm desperate!

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The Family Bond said...

Girl, your 1 call to my 3 calls sounds like you are doing better than I am.