Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lots to Post...

Weekend to Remember...

As I mentioned in my last post, Michael and I went to Birmingham to attend a marriage enrichment conference called "Weekend to Remember". We had a wonderful time at the conference as well as spending time with our friends, Brian and Susan Fortenberry, Brandon and Amanda Beckett, and Joseph and Mechelle Parker. God has richly blessed us with wonderful Christian couple friends. We had SO much fun with them, especially playing games on Saturday night. Michael said his cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much. Thanks guys...we had a ball!! "Yankee go house!"

The conference was so great for Michael and me, and for me, it came at just the right time. It was definitely time for a break for me from stay at home mom responsibilities! I was able to renew my mind and energy as well as spend quality time with Michael! I would highly recommend the weekend to remember for any couple that is looking to enrich their marriage! It is a Christian based conference that simply helps you to re-learn that our spouses are God's provision and gift for us. In the day to day mundane things of life, it can be easy to loose sight of that, but I am so thankful for such a wonderful husband that loves God, loves me, loves our family and provides for us. Unfortunately, I did not take one picture all weekend, which is completely unlike me! But, take my word for it...we had a great time!!!
Needless to say, Myla had a great weekend spending time with her grandparents!!! Michael's mom and sister took care of her on Friday, and from all accounts they had a WONDERFUL time! From what I hear, they played and played and played some more. Thank y'all so much for taking care of her! My mom and Frank kept her the rest of the time. They spent the day in Tupelo visiting family and cooking out. Myla did fine considering she got plenty of attention and love!!
New Shoes....

While my mom and Frank had Myla in Tupelo, they visitied the Corner Shoe Store and got Myla two new pairs of shoes!!! My mom said she was so funny when they put the shoes on her. She said it was like she knew she had something new on as she kicked and kicked her new shoes! Myla says "THANKS!" to Mimi and Bodie for her new kicks!!! Pictures of this are at the top because I couldn't get them at the bottom!
As for Myla these days, she is ALL over the place and getting into everthing!!! She is so funny and curious! She makes me laugh everyday, and I am so thankful for each smile and laugh!

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