Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dinner With Friends...and Pets...

Tonight a couple friend of ours graciously invited us over for dinner, and man was it delicious! Thanks Jamie and HeatherLea for your hospitality. Myla had lots of fun playing with one of their dogs, Gent. Their female, Lady, just delivered 10 puppies, so she was out of commission tonight while she tended to her little ones.
Below is a conversation between Myla and Gent...Myla tried her best to get him to play with her toys...
Myla: "I am going to get all my toys out and find the perfect one for Gent."

Myla: "Okay, Gent, so here are my toys that my mom brought over. Let's see if we can find one you like..."

Myla: "What about one of my stackable stars? No? Okay, let's move on."

Myla: "What about this little lion that used to hang down from my carseat? Okay, still not good for you..."

Myla: "Surely you will like this little thing that winds up and plays music!! are hard to please Mr. Gent."

Gent: "Poor child, she has some boring toys. I can't believe that she has to play with these all day. I need something that tastes like steak or something that I can chew on."

Myla and Gent: "Enough of trying to work this out...We will agree to disagree."

Thanks again, y'all, for the great dinner and fellowship!!!

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