Wednesday, May 21, 2008

She's Growing Up So Fast...

WOW! How time is flying!! It seems like this week Myla is doing so many new things! It is so fun to watch her "grow up" and change so quickly! Here are a few of her adventures this week...
At play group on Tuesday Laurel brought cupcakes for her little girl, Pharis', birthday. Saying that Myla loved cupcake icing is an understatement. She attacked the thing and wouldn't stop! When I wouldn't give her anymore, she found the box they were in and starting beating on the top of it. So, needless to say, I think the girl is going to like sweets!!!

We went to visit our friend Mitzi and her little girl Mia Grace today. Mia is such a beautiful baby!! I was so glad to get to see her and Mitzi, who by the way, looks GREAT!! She is making this motherhood thing look effortless. I remember people saying when they came to visit Myla when she was born that they couldn't remember their children being that small. Now, I can relate...I cannot believe how tiny Mia is, and she weighed more than Myla at birth! Myla looks like a monster next to her!! Thanks for letting us come to visit...we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Yes, we did it...we turned Myla forward in the car. I know that it is a little soon, but she hated her carrier. First of all, she was busting out of it and she did not like being turned around where she could not see us in the front. She definitely prefers sitting forward where she can be in the action! Thank you to a precious couple in our church that GAVE us this car seat...what a BLESSING!! God is so good in his perfect provisions for us.

These last two pictures show Myla playing with her now seatless exersaucer. The beauty of this exersaucer is that the seat comes off and she can play with it as an activity table. She loves to pull up on it and thinks she now has a new toy. Once she learned to move that seat around and around, the toys were of no concern to her...she just wanted to move, SO now she is "rediscovering" the toys. Thanks again to Amanda and Brandon for this great gift!!!

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