Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Painting with Sae Sae…

A LONG time ago (yes, I am way behind), Sae Sae took me and the girls painting at The Clay Canvas.  The girls had a GREAT time, and they worked diligently on their pieces.


Myla was very patient and took great care with all the things she painted.  Sae Sae was a lot more generous than Mommy would have been with how many things she let Myla paint!  :)


Selah just LOVED playing in the paint.  Her cup had LOTS of coats of paint!


Happy Girl!


See what I mean about Selah loving the paint.  She kept saying, “I need just a little bit more, Mommy!”


With some of the finished products!


After painting, Sae Sae treated us to lunch at Soulshine!  YUM!

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