Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wow…Has It Been That Long???

Wow…My blog has kind of taken a back seat lately!  It could be due to the over 50 Christmas signs over the past week!  Thanks SO much to my mom and Sis Sis that have come over and helped me.  My mom has literally taken care of my house while I have painted…laundry, cleaning, emptying trash, taking care of the girls, etc.  I couldn’t have done it without her!  Back to the blog….I can’t believe I haven’t even put pictures from Halloween!  Better late than never.  Here goes another catch up post.


This is Selah at her Halloween party at Mother’s Morning Out.  Notice her “non-Halloween” outfit.  She had 3 that she could have worn, but no, not Selah.  She was determined to wear this pink shirt and her jeans. Hey, you win some and you lose some!


Check out this cool chick!


Back in October, I bought a cookie decorating kit.  I put it way up in the pantry so the girls couldn’t see it and ask me a million times when we could do it.  Then, I almost forgot that it was up there.  I remembered on November 1st, but I guess it’s never too late!  They loved doing it! 


Myla did a great job!  She is growing up so much and really enjoys doing stuff like this.  She is meticulous, taking her time to make it just like she wants it.


Selah enjoyed eating the toppings more so than putting them on her cookies.


One of Myla’s finished products.

And, by the way, yes, my girls are in their pajamas in the middle of the afternoon.  My girls love to come home and put pajamas on in the afternoons.  Are they the lonely ones?


The girls were so excited when the night of the Fall Carnival came around at church on Halloween.  They both had Dorothy costumes, but Selah decided right before we were going to get dressed that she did not want to be Dorothy.  SO, she went as Ariel.  Heavens, this child can make me crazy, but I love her so much!


Selah loved the big slide, but she had trouble getting up the steps.  Good thing Daddy was there to help her!


Myla, Sage, Selah and Hope.  They loved seeing their friends in their costumes!


Selah enjoyed playing all the games and getting candy!


Myla still wasn’t sure about the games.  For some reason, stuff like that stresses her out and she is real hesitant, but the lure of candy helped her overcome some of her fear.


Selah didn’t wait long to eat her candy!


My sweet girls!


This is a random picture, but this is some talent, huh?  HA!


Two weekends ago, Sae Sae came and took me and the girls to the Clay Canvas to do some painting.  We had so much fun! 


Myla had a good time, and Sae Sae was so generous to get her several things to paint!


Selah’s look work station got a little messy!


With our finished products!


Then, Sae Sae treated us to lunch at Soulshine!  YUM!


Today was out Thanksgiving Feast at MMO.  I didn’t take many pictures because I was just enjoying the time!  Here is my little Indian!


I could just die because this picture is so sweet!  This is Selah’s “best” friend, Remi!  They love each other so much!

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