Wednesday, December 5, 2012

“Lucy”, A Royal Visit, and The Oxford Christmas Parade…


Our Elf on the Shelf, Lucy, made her appearance on Monday morning!  The girls were so excited to see her, and they seem to be more into it this year than they were last year!


I was determined to do better this year with the Elf, and thanks to Pinterest I’ve gotten plenty of ideas!  The girls cracked up seeing how Lucy had colored on their picture.


This morning Lucy was up for some game time with friends!


Excited girls first thing in the morning finding Lucy!


This past weekend, our choir performed our Christmas concert, “A Royal Visit”, at the Ford Center on campus!  This was the children’s choir practicing before the first performance.  I didn’t get any pictures during the program since I was in the choir.


Myla absolutely loved singing in the show, and she had pretty much every song (even the ones the children didn’t sing) memorized since we have listened to the music so much!

On a side note, we found out on Monday that 46 people prayed to receive Christ as a result of the concert and Bro. Eric’s message. I was blown away!  It made all of the hours of practice WORTH IT!!!  Praise the LORD!


Monday night we went to the Oxford Christmas parade! The girls looked forward to it ALL day!  (Myla’s eyes are closed in every single picture lately…ha!)


You would have thought Selah was IN the parade because she waved so much!


Keeping a close eye on all the floats hoping for the candy!


It was a fun night even though it didn’t feel much like Christmas since it was 70 degrees!!!

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