Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Missing Ramsey…


We are still waiting on our sweet Ramsey!  It’s crazy how much you can miss someone that you have never met!  Since he will not be with us for Christmas, we wanted to send him some goodies!  We sent a teddy bear that we were able to record a message onto so when he squeezes it, her will hear our voices.  The girls loved “talking” to him when we recorded our message!  We also sent a fun picture album with pictures of all of his family that doubles as a toy, so I hope he will enjoy looking at the pictures!  Then, we sent some My First Christmas pj’s, an outfit and a lovey!  I wonder if the Taiwanese nannies are going to think it is crazy that his name in on several things.  HA! 

As far as the process goes, we are waiting on a court date.  From what I understand, we have been submitted for court, we are just waiting on a date to be set.  Typically, travel would happen about 3 months, give or take, after the first court date, so we are really hoping we will travel in March or April. But, as we know with international adoption, anything can happen!  We’re just trusting God and HIS timing!  We also still have a good bit of fundraising to do, so we will focus on that after Christmas!  All I know, is that I am READY for him to be home, and I know that each difficult thing that we have been through on this journey will be WORTH it when we finally get to him!

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