Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just For Fun….Pumpkin Patch Through the Years….


Myla – 2007 – 3 months old


Myla – 2008 – 1 year old


Myla – 2009 – 2 years old


Myla – 2010 – 3 years old


Myla – 2011 – 4 years old


Selah – 2010 – 7 months old


Selah – 2011 – 1 year old


Sisters - 2010


Sisters – 2011

It’s so much fun to have little traditions each year that help us remember things.  I can remember being so excited about one day being able to take my children to the pumpkin patch to take pictures.  Now, my head spins when I think about how much Myla has grown since we started doing this!  I can’t wait to add another beautiful girl to these pictures!  I would LOVE for her to be in the pumpkin patch next October…I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


Michelle McArdle said...

Don't you love going back and seeing how much they change each year?! They are growing up to be beautiful little girls!!

Michael, Elizabeth, Vaiden, and Whitten said...

Love these pictures!! I brought Vaiden to this church pumpkin patch before we even moved I have pictures of my kids in the patch from every year of their life also. I love it and it really makes me love the small joys of this sweet, small town!!