Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wedding Fun…

This past weekend, we got to travel to South Louisiana to participate in a very special day!  One of Michael’s dear friends from college got married.  John Kirk and Michael are about as opposite from each other as you can get, but they are so close.  They have remained close since college, and I love John like a brother!  I am so happy for him and Lydia, his new bride, as they start their life together!


We had to make a pit stop in Jackson because Mary Jennifer had picked up Michael’s tux for us.  We were so excited to get to see baby Luke. He has grown so much!  Isn’t that smile precious!!


Uncle Michael and Luke…  Michael got some great smiles out of him!


Me and Luke


We finally made it down to Abbeville, LA, for the festivities!  I didn’t do a great job of taking pictures, but I did get a few. This was us with John at the rehearsal dinner.  I’m such a blubberer at rehearsal dinners.  I cried when Michael spoke, then I tried to say something, and cried the whole way through.  John is so sweet, and I am so happy for him.  He has been so patient in waiting for the right “Catholic” girl!  HA!!


The church was gorgeous!  It reminded me of the many cathedrals that I saw in Europe.  Absolutely beautiful!


Lydia and John dancing their first dance.  I love how happy he looks!


The newlyweds!  Their day was beautiful!


One last picture of Michael and John before we got back on the rode for our long drive home.

Congrats to John and Lydia!  And a great thanks to Mimi, Bodie, Sae Sae and Granddaddy for taking care of the girls while we were gone!

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