Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had a fun filled Halloween day yesterday!  First we had parties at Mother’s Morning Out, then we went to the Kid’s Karnival last night at church!  The girls loved dressing up and getting candy!


Myla had fun with all of her friends at her Halloween party at school!


Here is Selah’s class eating their fun snacks at their party.  I think Selah is happiest when she’s eating.  Ha!


Sweet girl loving some cheetos!


We met Daddy at church and headed to the karnival.


Myla was super excited about the bouncy slide again this year!  It was the first thing she did!


Sliding down


We had a healthy Halloween supper of hot dogs, chips and popcorn!


After we ate, we headed inside the gym to play games.  Selah really enjoyed playing everything, but most of all she loved getting candy.  The first game she played was Plinko.  Michael gave her the golf ball, and she turned around and was about the chunk it towards all of the other people.  Thank goodness Daddy was there to put a stop to that!  She eventually played it the correct way!


The girls loved digging around in these beans trying to find a marble.  Selah started trying to eat the beans, and it really alarmed the lady working at this game!  Oh, the adventures of a toddler!


Myla remembered how to feed the elephant from last year!


This is the PERFECT picture to sum up Selah’s night!  She was just amazed that people were giving her candy.  She spent half of the night just staring in her bucket in amazement.  It was so funny!


Myla threw the ball through the hoop!


And, with a little help from Daddy, Selah did too!


Daddy and Selah shared several tootsie rolls throughout the night!


Myla was really good at this tic-tac-toe game!  She did it two times in a row perfectly!


Selah had to go back and feed the elephant too!


My endeavor to try and get a picture of my two girls continues, but as you can tell, Selah was a little more interested in her candy!


Daddy took her piece of candy and was going to try and get her to smile…didn’t work!


I guess Selah started getting tired towards the end of the night because she just laid down on the floor (while eating a sucker) and watched the other kids!

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