Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have 3 important updates!  I feel like I have been MIA lately on the blog…sorry!


1.  We sold our house.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  We found a great deal on a house in town about a month ago and we made an offer on it.  They accepted it, and we put our house on the market.  It sold in 21 days.  Craziness.  We will probably be moving sometime around the middle of November.  It has all happened fast, and we have very bittersweet feelings about it.  We love our house, but we are about 8 miles out of town, and we really want to be in town…mainly for convenience.  We are excited about moving but sad about leaving the first house we bought together as well as the house that we brought our girls home from the hospital.  Tear. But, I know there will be many more new, wonderful memories in our new house!


2.  Poor Selah is still struggling with ear infections.  She has had fluid on her ears for several months, so our ENT decided that it was time for another set of tubes and to remove her adenoids.  To make a very long story short, we are going to Jackson bright and early in the morning for a consult with an ENT at the University Medical Center.  With Michael being an employee of Ole Miss and having their insurance, one of the perks is receiving 20% off of services at UMC.  So, after our deductible is met (and we are only a little over $100 away from meeting it), we can have her surgery done there for free.  Happy face!  Poor baby that she has to go through it, but I am praying that she will get relief!  Thanks for your prayers!


3.  On the adoption homefront, we had a conference call with our agency on Monday, and we were told that our wait time was probably going to be longer than we thought.  They are finally seeing the effects of the courts severely cutting back on the number of cases that they see each day.  This is sad to me, but it is all being done for the right reasons to make sure that the children being adopted out of the country are true orphans.  We will wait patiently for the little girl that God has for our family.  We will be having some fundraisers coming up soon to help raise the rest of the funds we need! 


Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

You failed to mention that you are sad to be leaving behind the best neighbors that anyone could ask for! I know I'm sad to be losing mine!

Alison said...

Sorry about the longer wait times...I can definitely relate! Excited about your new house!!!