Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Letter to Write and Mail…

One day last week, Myla wrote and mailed her first letter.  The recipients were Mimi and Bodie, and she was so excited about doing it!  I had been writing notes, so she decided she needed to write a note too.  Her handwriting has gotten really good, and she loves to “practice her letters” over and over!  She even picks practicing her letters over playing Pretty Pretty Princess at nighttime before bed!


Here she is with the finished product.  On the back, she put about 500 stickers!


She even wrote on the envelope!


She did the honors of sending it off, as well!


Can you tell that she felt “big” doing this!!


She couldn’t wait for Mimi and Bodie to get their letter!  Mom reported that they got it, loved it and put it on the refrigerator!

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