Saturday, August 13, 2011

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen…

This morning I made muffins for breakfast, and I had plenty of “helpers”.  Myla loves to help in the kitchen, and it usually causes quite a mess!  Now we have another two hands to make messes with us!


Probably not the safest way to help, but they felt so big standing up in their chairs!  This is Selah’s “cheese” smile…whenever she sees the camera now, she immediately starts saying “teese, teese”. 

Notice that even Oskie was in on the muffin making!


As we cooked, the girls ate a granola bar.  Selah thought hers taste a lot better dipped in the muffin batter!


“This is really good, Mom!  You should try it!”


Myla smiling… Selah dipping…


Myla had it all over her hands by the time we were done!

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