Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Way to Help...

Baby A Shower

My friend, Lara, over at The Farmers Wife Tells All, is adopting a little boy, "A", from Uganda. They are so face they are just waiting on a court date! As all of you know, adoption is expensive! Two of Lara's friends "hijacked" her blog and are throwing her a virtual baby shower. But, not the regular gifts are wanted this time! They are trying to raise money to travel to Uganda to get "A" in the very near future. You can go to her blog and help by donating some money! To make it more interesting, they are offering a giveaway along with it. The grand prize is a fancy schmancy Canon camera with a big lens!! I don't know anything about cameras, but I know this is a nice one! There are also several runner-up prizes that are fun! This is one opportunity for you to live out the scripture James 1:27! We are ALL called to do SOMETHING!!

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