Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two Months...

Dear Selah,
Today you are two months old! It is hard to believe because the time really has passed quickly. I can't believe how much you have grown and changed in two short months. You were diagnosed with acid reflux last week, but now that you are on medicine, you are doing much better, thank goodness! You started really smiling in the past week or so, and it just makes Mommy, Daddy and Myla so happy when we see you do it. Myla will tell me, "Mommy, Selah is smiling at me!"
You don't really "do" a whole lot right now, but I know that will change all too so soon! After you eat, you like to sit in your pink bouncy chair and just look around and stretch and move. This is where we get most of your smiles too! From what I can tell at this point, you really love your sister. Just this morning she layed down beside you on your playmat, and you just stared at her and grinned for the longest time. You are very lucky to have her in your life, and I hope y'all are best of friends as you grow together.
You really like your playmat, but you don't like to lay down flat for a long time because I'm sure it hurts your tummy. You love getting a bath each night, but you are not a big fan or getting dried off and dressed. You don't mind having your diaper changed at all. You have been on a pretty good schedule thus far although you are not wanting to sleep a whole lot during the day. I am working on this, though, and hopefully it will change soon! For the past several nights, you have gone to bed around 11 and gotten up between 6 and 6:30. Mommy and Daddy really appreciate that!
You love to be swaddled tight to go to sleep, although you are a bit hot natured, so after you have been asleep for a little while you usually wake up sweating! I'm either going to have to stop swaddling you or find a thinner blanket. Right now you are sleeping on your Nap Nanny in your bed, and you love it. It keeps you propped up, so that helps your reflux not bother you when you sleep.
Thank goodness you pretty much go with the flow! You have been out and about way more than your sister was at this point in her life! You have been out to eat several times as well as gone on several day trips to see grandparents and do other things. You usually don't mind being in your car seat, but if you don't like it, you don't mind letting me know about it!
You love your gumdrop pacifier. I'm hoping that you will continue to take it and not suck your thumb like your sister! Sometimes, when you are really upset, you don't want your pacifier, you just want to be snuggled close, which I don't mind doing!
All in all, you are a true joy, and it really is hard to remember life without you. I can't wait to continue watching you grow and change. You are certainly one loved little girl. You are being dedicated this Sunday at church, and Daddy and I will commit to raise you to love the Lord and serve Him all of your days!
I love you, my sweet Selah!

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