Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trip to Arkansas for Maggie's Graduation...

Thursday we loaded up and headed to Arkansas for Maggie's graduation. I can hardly believe that she is old enough to graduate from high school. It really seems like yesterday that she was born. It really made me realize how quickly time goes by, and that it will seem like no time that my girls will be donning a cap and gown. It was so good to get to see family and celebrate this special time with Maggie. We are all so proud of her, and we look forward to all that God has in store for her future.
Cheesing it up in the car on the way. Selah and Myla both traveled very well....much better than I expected, to be honest!
Selah was cheesing it up too!
Don't know if you heard, but there was a shootout in West Memphis on Thursday. We came through during it, and they had completely shut down the inbound traffic into Memphis. Thank the Lord we were going the other way. The traffic was literally stopped for MILES. People were standing outstide of their cars just talking to each other. It was terrible, and it was such a tragedy for the West Memphis Police Department.
Sleeping children = successful travel...
Macy holding Selah at breakfast on Friday morning.
Myla loves Maggie! When we are there, she wants to play with her the whole time. She is lucky to have such a wonderful aunt!
The little fashionista decked out in Maggie's jewelry and shoes. She ran into their house, took off her shoes, and went to straight to Maggie's closet!
Being sillly with Maggie
Sassy...not a happy camper that all these people were at her house!
Myla and Daddy
Mommy and her sweet girl.
All of Maggie's awards from her senior year. WOW!
Aunt Maggie painting Myla's nails. I couldn't believe she sat still long enough to let her do it! Maggie has got some patience!
Having a little chat
The drying process
High five for a job well done!
The finished product
After Selah's nap on Friday, she was so smiley and happy, so I couldn't resist snapping these pictures!
I love this picture!! This is Jacey, my first cousin Eleanor's little girl. She was playing peek a boo with Selah, and she got a great smile out of it!
Selah with Myla and Jacey
Selah, Jacey, Peyton (Eleanor's son) and Myla
Is she not the cutest thing??Henry and Myla - Myla LOVES Henry Van...she is the only one that calls him by his first and middle name.
Waiting for the graduation ceremonies to start.
Myla with Granny and Papa, Macy's parents
I LOVE this picture of Myla and her Papaw!
Daddy and his girls!
The graduation didn't hold Henry's attention for too long!
THE GRADUATE!!! She was also the Salutatorian and did a wonderful job on her speech.
Peyton and Maggie....Peyton was a senior himself when Maggie was born!! Peyton...we're getting OLD!
The siblings
Selah and Maggie Saturday morning before we ate my dad's FABULOUS home cooked breakfast! I love my Deddy's cooking!
Maggie with her nieces and nephew
Maggie, Myla and Blake, Maggie's boyfriend. Myla LOVES Blake! The whole way to Arkansas, she kept asking if we were going to see Blake. He's got to stay around or Myla will be devastated!!
Eleanor with Myla and Selah
WOW! I think I covered the trip...sorry for the LONG post!

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