Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Have I Ever Mentioned...

how much I love a good deal???
The Bargain Basket has the formula that Selah takes for $6.00 a can right now (this can at Wal-Mart is almost $15), so I was pumped! I bought 18 cans of it because it will definitely be used!!
Also, our Wal-Mart is being remodeled, and we now have a clearance aisle...LOVE IT!! The other night I saw these "Finish" dishwashing tablets on it, but I figured they were just there for overstock. I asked a worker nearby if he knew how much they were, and he said, "I'm pretty sure they're $1 a bag." WHAT?????? A bag of 40 for $1?? I was a bit skeptical, so I just took one bag to the register. Sure enough, they were one buck. I went back and got 9 more! Holy cow...enough dishwashing detergent for probably a year and a half for $10 AND it's name brand...so long Great Value "Palmolive". You can't beat it!

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