Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Haircut and Big Girl Room...

Today was a busy day! This morning we went to get Myla's hair cut because it was really starting to drive me crazy! It was getting so long and was wild half of the time. We went to Mrs. Karen, who is my friend, Katie's, sister. Karen was SO good with Myla and let her pick out the cape she wanted to wear, which Myla loved doing. Myla did GREAT! I was really in shock considering all morning the only thing she would say was, "I don't want my hair cut!" It looks SO much better...thanks, Karen!
Karen getting started. I figured Myla would quickly melt down, but she didn't. She really liked the clippees that Karen used.
Sitting still like a big girl!
WOW! She even smiled during the process....
All done!
The sucker was her reward. I actually took it for a distraction while she was getting her hair cut, but we didn't even need it for that.
Big Girl Room
After we got home from the haircut, Daddy had moved the crib out of Myla's room! I can't believe that she is now in a big girl bed. When she walked in her room, I asked her where her bed was, and she pointed to the twin bed. Then, she walked down the hall to the nursery and I asked her whose bed was in there, and she said, "That's Selah's bed." Alrighty, then! I guess she got it. She went down for her nap perfectly and has stayed in it, so that's good. We'll see how she does tonight. Michael and I both commented that the whole thing is a little bittersweet because it means she is no longer the baby! She is growing so fast....
Checking out her big bed with the rail.
I think she likes it!
I love this new storage unit I got for her toys. I was tired of the toy box always looking like a tornado had hit it! This is much better, in my opinion!
I also wanted to put a picture of this little school desk that my dad gave Myla for Christmas. I just love it! I would have DIED to have this when I was little. There was nothing I liked doing more than "playing" school. I know Myla will love using it for a long time to come. Thanks Papaw, Macy, & Myla!

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