Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fun Day in Memphis...

Yesterday Myla and I had a special treat....Mimi took the two of us plus Henry to Memphis to the Enchanted Forest at the Pink Palace and the Children's Museum of Memphis. We had a great time! Myla wasn't too sure of the Enchanted Forest at first, but she eventually warmed up about the time we got to Santa Claus, only to clam up again and say, "I don't want Santa." Well, we stood in line anyway because she finally decided that she wanted a candy cane bad enough to see him. I wish I had the picture to show you, but it was quite hysterical. I had to be in it with her, and she was still crying her eyes out. Henry, on the other hand, did great and told Santa everything he wanted for Christmas! There are a lot of pictures below, so be prepared!

Myla in front of one of the many trees leading into the Enchanted Forest. There were some great trees decorated with the most creative things!

Henry in front of another one.

Myla in the Enchanted Forest. This is her new smile when you ask her to take a picture. Lovely, huh?

Myla did LOVE the train that was set up. She really loves Thomas the Train these days and he was included in this setup. Everytime he came around she would get so excited and yell, "There goes Thomas!"

Myla with a reindeer that she thought was Rudolph. I just couldn't believe she stood that close to it. She doesn't like large, stuffed things!

I just loved this picture, and yes, if you were wondering, she carried her purse around pretty much the entire day.

Myla and Mimi standing in line to see Santa.

Henry and Myla eating their candy canes from Santa. Myla was just glad to be done with seeing him so she could eat her candy!

Henry in front of the secondary Santa that was there in case kids refused to have their picture made with the real thing.

Myla much preferred the wooden cut out! Can you tell?

Headed into the Children's Museum. This place was GREAT! I had never been, but if you have young kids and need something to do indoors, it is awesome!

Making the hot air balloon fly up into the air.

Henry and Myla watching Mimi pretend to land a plane. They have a full size cockpit of a FedEx plane that you can sit in and play with all the controllers. It was "awesome" as Henry would say!

Pretending to be on a plane. Myla loved buckling and unbuckling the seatbelt. AND....don't try to help her...she can do it HERSELF! She is Miss Independent! From what I hear, I was a little like that as well when I was a child.

Fishing in the "river"

"I got one!"

Henry got one too!

Okay....this was Myla's FAVORITE thing she did all day. They had a Kroger where the kids could shop and check out their groceries. You even got a printed out receipt. After Myla did this all she said the rest of the time we were in the museum was, "I wanna go grocery shopping." She could have stayed in there for hours!

Picking out her produce.

Happy girl shopping. She was hilarious talking to herself as she was shopping. She would put something in her buggy and say "okay" like she had checked that off her list.

Scanning her groceries

After we finally pried her out of the Kroger, we headed over to the "Orpheum" to perform on stage. There were tons of costumes to choose from, and you can see here that Myla chose someone from Thomas and Friends, but she just called herself Thomas.

Performing on stage with her bells. She and Henry danced and danced.

Next, she put on the conductor costume. I'm not sure where her fascination with trains has come from.

Henry, Myla and Mimi playing a version of twister.

They have a dentist office set up and you can brush the patient's teeth and it even times you to make sure you brush them long enough....2 minutes in case you were wondering. Henry did a great job!
Putting the teeth back into the right place.

On the police motorcycle. They had a full sized police car and firetruck that the kids could climb on.

There was also a place you could sit and broadcast the news. Here are Myla and Henry bringing us the weather report.

They loved seeing themselves on the screen!

This was pretty cool too. They had a bank set up with the things you could send back and forth to each other like you were at the drive through. They shot that thing back and forth to each other about 20 times!

This picture was at Cracker Barrel eating lunch, but I love it because Myla has on Mimi's scarf. She always wants to wear it when we are with her.

Well, that was our day! Fun, fun, fun, and TIRING! Thanks, Mimi, for taking us! We can't wait to go again!

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