Friday, May 8, 2009

Blogging Hiatus...

Well, I guess I have been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. It has not been intentional, we just really have not had a whole lot going on. We have a busy weekend and week ahead though, so I'm sure there will be plenty to update. Today we are headed to Delta State for Mary Jennifer's Nurse Pinning Ceremony. She is done with nursing school, and we are SO PROUD of her! Then on Sunday, we are going on VACATION!! WOOHOO!! We are going to Ft. Walton Beach until next Friday. We are super excited!!! We are meeting some good friends down there, Chad & Lenora Grayson and their two children, Annlee & Deuce. We have been on several trips with Chad and Lenora, and let me just tell you, we have always had a blast! My cheeks are already sore just thinking about how much we will laugh!! Thank the Lord for GREAT friends!
Okay, we'll play catch up when I get back!

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