Friday, May 15, 2009

Vacation Day 4

Myla slept pretty good on the trip. She still got up pretty early, but we couldn't complain about her sleep...especially her 3 hour afternoon naps! She was worn slap out everyday. The pool didn't open until 8, so needless to say we were the first ones out there, and we would have everything to ourselves for about an hour. Anyway, that is why I usually have these pictures from her in the mornings because we were waiting until the pool opened!

"Okay, Mommy, I'm ready for the pool!" -Myla

"Well, baby, don't get up so early, and we won't have to wait in the room before we go!" -Mommy

Ready to jump in the lazy river with Deuce's crab float!

Daddy drinking his coffee before getting in the lazy river.

Miss Sassafras

Myla contemplating what she wants to do next.

I love that little mermaid bootie!

I love that sweet face, too!

Daddy and Myla

Hanging out on the frog!

My sweet little water bug.



She just couldn't get enough!!

Happy girl in the water

Sliding with her crab
After dinner, we walked along a pier. Myla was enjoying wearing Annlee's "shades".
Funny girl...

The Graysons

Daddy and Myla looking at the ocean.

I think Myla likes it better from a distance!

Enjoying the sunset

Myla and Annlee

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