Friday, May 15, 2009

Vacation Day 1

Most of our first day was spent in the car! We left on Sunday after church and headed to the Biloxi to spend the night our friend, John. It was nice to break the trip up. By the time we got to the Coast, Myla was fit to be tied in her car seat!

Right outside of Jackson, we saw this van headed to Ft. Walton. I just thought it was funny since that was where we were headed too!

Myla's first look at the ocean! She kept saying "ocean" and "sand" over and over again. She was a little tentative at first about getting down in the sand and water, but she warmed up to the idea pretty quick and was soon having a blast!

Tickles from Daddy

First time for little toes to be in the ocean!

Trying to get used to the water

Myla and "Uncle" John

John found these two buckets some people had left on the beach so he got them for Myla to play with. We had lots of fun with them the whole time we were gone.

Finally getting into the water by herself.

Loving the ocean now!

Fun in the water

Finally not minding getting wet and sandy!!!

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