Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MMO Egg Hunt…

Today was a crazy & hectic fun-filled day at MMO!  We had a “glorified snack” for our Easter party, and then we had an egg hunt on the playground. 


Thanks to Pinterest, we had cute treats for the girls to take to the friends in their class!


Before we left for MMO, the clouds parted and a miracle took place.  I got THREE pictures in a row with both girls looking at the camera and smiling!  I was so excited!!!  I love these beautiful girls!


And, I mean…really, I know I’m partial, but is Selah not the cutest kid in glasses ever!!  She is doing so well with them still.  She occasionally doesn’t want to put them on, but once they are on, she does pretty good.


Two squirts!!!  They were saying “CANDY” when I took this picture.  They were super excited about getting candy in their eggs!!


Selah enjoyed her Cheetos at snack.  She kept saying, “More Cheetos, Mommy!!”  After we finally ran out, she wasn’t happy!  HA!


I got more pictures of Selah hunting eggs because her class and my class were on the same playground.  Myla’s class was on another playground, so I was so sad I didn’t get to see her actually hunting!


Figuring it out pretty quickly!  She loved putting the eggs in her basket!


She said, “Look, Mommy!  I got a big one!”


I finally ran over to the playground Myla was on to snap a picture of her.  She was so sweet and wanted to come to Selah’s playground to see how many eggs she got!


Selah got really excited when she finally sat down and opened her eggs up!


My beautiful Myla!  I can’t believe how big she is getting!

I am really excited about Easter this year.  Myla is starting to “get it”…asking more and more questions about Jesus.  She completely knows the story and loves to do her Resurrection Eggs at night before bed!  We made Resurrection Rolls yesterday at some friend’s house.  It is just another simple way to explain the Easter story to children.  After you bake the crescent rolls, the marshmallow inside melts representing Jesus rising out of the grave.  Anyway, after I cut into one, I said “Where’s Jesus"?”  And Selah, in the most dramatic voice, said “He’s not in there, Momma!!”  Oh, melt my heart.  My prayer is that they would truly understand the Easter story one day and know the sacrifice that Jesus really made for them.  Bunnies, candy and baskets are fun, but Jesus is the REAL reason for Easter! 

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