Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday Singing & Egg Hunting!!!

This morning was a big Sunday at church!  Myla’s choir sang in both services and then there was a Preschool egg hunt after church.  Poor Selah woke up with fever so she didn’t get to participate, and we had to play fruit basket turnover with my parents and Michael trying to take care of her!  We had nursery duty at 8:30, we taught Sunday School (my parents kept Selah during this time), Myla sang again at 11, then we had the egg hunt and lunch.  Whew!!  Makes me tired thinking about it!  Needless to say, we were all ready for naps!


I absolutely love the Sundays that the children’s choirs sing in church.  Our music minister, his wife and other volunteers do an amazing job with the children’s choir programs.  Myla looks so forward to going to practice each Sunday night, and she loves it when they sing in big church too!


I love this picture!  Myla adores Bro. Tom and has to give him a BIG hug every time she sees him!  I love how she is listening intently to him while he is talking to them during rehearsal!


When Myla is on the stage, she has to look around to see what is going on!


Keeping her eyes on Mrs. Angela!


Sweet girl singing her heart out!  She does such a good job!  I’m so proud of her!


Myla and Daddy after she sang before he went to get Selah from my parents!


Myla was READY to hunt eggs!!


Jack and Myla


Sweet Sage and Myla


Myla and Montana


Everyone waiting to go hunt eggs on the playground


Myla and Sage were planning their strategy, I think!


Off she goes!!  Of course, the eggs were all picked up within a few minutes.  One of Myla’s friends ended up with no eggs, and I was so proud when she gave him half of hers!  Melt my heart!


Still looking!


They all checked each other’s baskets!  HA!

I LOVE Easter, and I can’t wait to celebrate next weekend!  As a Christian, it is the most pivotal point in our story.  Jesus AROSE and He is ALIVE!!  Praise God!

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