Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine’s Day!

I’m a little late posting about Valentine’s Day, but I have felt a little behind with the move and all!  We are getting more settled in, and I hope to post some pictures of the house soon!


I had the girls’ little gifts waiting for them on the table.  This was them walking in.  Ignore the suitcases and boxes!  HA!


Selah was MOST excited about her Elmo balloon!  Every time we go into the Dollar Tree, she loves to see the Elmo balloons, so I was excited to get her one.  The poor guy had to go blow one up because all they had blown up was Valentine’s Day themed ones!


Myla loved her balloon too!


Selah also got a Elmo that gives kisses, so she was “Elmoed” out.  Myla got a My Little Pony and some candy.  Can you believe My Little Ponies are still around??


Daddy wasn’t left out on the gifts either.  This was his bag…17 years…wow!


Of course, I got this idea off of Pinterest, but I got a deck of cards and made a little booklet with 52 things that I love about him.  I think he liked it! 


Another Pinterest idea, but I made the canned cinnamon rolls into hearts. The girls loved it!  They love their “cimmanin” rolls!


I tried to get the girls to pose before we ran some errands.  They decided to play an impromptu game of peek-a-boo!  I’m so thankful for my Valentines!!

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Matt and Mandi said...

Dying to see pictures of the house...I thought this was the "moving" month!