Sunday, February 5, 2012


This weekend has been very laid back and fun!  On Friday we had some friends come over and play and the girls anxiously awaited their arrival at the door!


Our friends from church, the Carpenters, just started the adoption process. They are adoption from South Korea, and we are so excited for them to start their journey.  Jill came over on Friday so we could brainstorm some fundraising ideas.  Oh, the joys of fundraising!  They are starting from the very beginning, and although we have been greatly blessed, we still have a ways to go too.  I think we have some great ideas though, so we are excited!


Myla stole some hugs from Selah while they waited! For the most part, they get along well.  Of course, there are moments where they pull hair, hit and scream, which makes moments like this picture above so precious!  They really do love each other!


This may be my favorite picture of all time.  I wish the light coming through the front door wasn’t so bright.  Selah is so sweet on her tiptoes while Myla is kissing her on the head.  Melt.My.Heart!


After our friends left, we had lunch.  Selah ate a whole bowl of Ramen noodle with her hands.  I’ll let you imagine the mess I had to clean up!


Friday night, Michael and I went to an adoption conference and got to hear Russell Moore, author of Adopted for Life, speak.  It was awesome!  My parents kept the girls and they, of course, had a blast at Checkers, Holli’s Sweet Tooth, and Square Books, Jr.  They got some Sesame Street tattoos, which they all applied Saturday morning.  Selah calls it a “pattoo”.  She thought it was a sticker, and she kept trying to peel it off. 


The girls got quiet Saturday morning, so I went to find them and saw sweet little feet sticking out from under the drapes in our room. 


They were hiding in there with their big bag of candy from Holli’s chowing down!


After naps, there was some play time with Daddy!


Lots of dancing and twirling and flipping!  Selah wore jeans for the first time, and it was hysterical.  It was like she couldn’t walk in them.  Too funny!


For dinner, we went and had Mexican.  Selah was introduced to cheese dip, which was a BIG hit!  She would just lick it off her chip over and over…then she dipped her quesadilla in it and licked it over and over…then just her fingers.  To say she liked it was an understatement.  She kept us laughing the whole time we were eating.  For dessert we went to Sonic and got ice cream.  She loved it too!


Myla requested a Oreo Sonic Blast, and she was sweet enough to share some with her sister.




Love this picture.  Myla smiling…Selah shoveling ice cream in!

On Saturday night, we got to catch up with our friends, the Becketts, that now live in Birmingham.  It was great to get to visit with them!  It’s been too long.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures.  And, I didn’t take any pictures tonight at our friends, the Northcutts.  We went there for the first half of the Super Bowl.  The kids had so much fun!!  Now…I’ve got to go.  Three minutes left and the Giants are marching down the field.  Go Eli!!

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