Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Holidays Are Here…

Well, the holidays are upon us, and I still cannot believe it!  I feel like we just celebrated Christmas last year to be honest with you, but here we are again!  I really do love this time of year.  I’m just ready for the weather to get a little cooler so it will actually feel like the holidays!


Last Wednesday, the girls had their “Thanksgiving Feast” as school.  It was a little more chaotic for me this year than normal because I teach a class.  I was sad that I couldn’t devote more of my time to the girls because I was having to make sure that the kiddos in my class were being taken care of.  I pretty much held Selah the whole time because she was in a mood!  Poor Myla wanted me to come sit with her at her classes table, and I couldn’t.  Oh well, Daddy is going to have to be recruited for the future parties!  The picture above was the ONLY one I took at the feast.  Myla’s class did sing two songs, which was so cute.  Let’s just say, she likes to “sing out”.  She could easily be heard above everyone else.  I’ll work on getting that video uploaded!


Yesterday we went to Batesville to have Thanksgiving with Michael’s parents.  Selah woke up with a severe case of bedhead, but she didn’t let it get her down!


I mean, it was BAD!  I just died out laughing when I got her out of the bed because she was just smiling away and her hair was going every which way!  Sweet thing!


Once we got to Granddaddy and Sae Sae’s house, Selah quickly planted herself in front of the TV to watch Barney…it is by far her favorite thing to do these days.  In the house we are in, I have a TV on a little table that is at her eye level, and I’m praying she’s not blind by the time we move from here because she watches it UP CLOSE….like her face 2 inches away from the screen. 


Kicked back watching Barney.  I have recently started putting her hair in pig tails, and I love it!  They stick straight out and look so cute, and they seem to match her funny personality so well!  They also make her look so much older to me!


Before lunch, Myla got some piano playing in!


My wild child!  She is so darn cute, but oh my goodness, she can be a little stinker.  I tell her all the time she better be glad she’s so cute!  Ha!


This is Rocco, the new dog at Michael’s parents.  They always have random dogs coming up to their house, but Rocco is SO sweet and so pretty!  I want to bring him home with me!


Myla was occupied most all day by picking up pecans.  We told her before we went that we were going to pick pecans up, and boy, did she take her job seriously.  It was all she wanted to do all day, and she pretty much didn’t stop!  She did a GREAT job!


Daddy and Mommy picked up their fair share too!


The girls got in the wheelbarrow for awhile with some of the pecans we picked!


This was one of the wheelbarrows.  We filled another one up too!  We should have plenty of pecans until next season!


Daddy, Rocco, and Myla handing out on the porch


Sweet Myla


Selah was attached to Sae Sae’s hip for most of the day!


Oskie went with us out to the country!  We weren’t sure how he would do, but he LOVED it!  Of course, he’s not fully “country” because he got to go in and out of the house whenever he wanted to, but when he was outside, he didn’t stop running!  He ran and ran and ran for most of the day!  He was very protective of the girls around the other dogs, which we have never witnessed before.  Even though he was the smallest dog, he wasn’t afraid to go after the bigger ones when they would get close to Myla and Selah.  He wore himself out!  He slept the entire way home and slept all night!


Myla enjoyed playing “office” while Granddaddy was on the computer.


Of course, Selah has to do whatever Myla is doing, so she joined in.  This picture cracks me up!


Working away!


We have taken Selah’s pacifier away during they day, and she now gets it only when she sleeps.  Well, she evidently snuck in and got one out of the crib while we weren’t paying attention.  She looks proud of herself, doesn’t she!

We are looking forward to getting to see our families this week for Thanksgiving, and Katie, Maggie and I are excited about Black Friday shopping!  We are going to repeat last year and stay out all night for the good deals.  We will miss you Susan!!  Updates will be coming for sure!


Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

I will miss y'all too, but I'll have my phone fully charged so we can text back and forth during all the sales!

Meaghan said...

Love Selah's piggies! So cute! Hope y'all have a great week!